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How can I duplicate a job?

This article shows you how to duplicate a job.

Written by Greg Scott
Updated over a week ago

Duplicating from the job overview:

In order to duplicate a job, just navigate to your job overview. The drop down menu contains a duplicate button:

Duplicating from the job description

You can also duplicate a job, on the job description. Click on the drop down menu to find the duplicate button:

Pressing the duplicate button will always open a new job creation form pre-filled with the same data of the job that you added to the original position.

The following fields are not copied during the job duplication process, as they are most likely different for a new position:

  • Start date of the job

  • End date of the job or the duration

  • Assignees to the position

You will need to fill out these fields, in order to complete duplicating a position.

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