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Learn more about why we offer a free version of Gustav.

Written by Greg Scott
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We stand by our promise to always offer a free version of Gustav.

?always beautifully designed features
??always friendly customer support

for you and your whole team. Free forever.

However, we are working hard on features which will give you even more value as you continue to grow with us. Thats what we call the Gustav Pro version. ? It will be up to you to decide if you would like to opt-in for a pro account, or stay on the free version for ever. Learn more about our Pro Pricing plans here.

During our early stages it was important for us to not ask for money while we built the first version of Gustav. During this time our team worked hard to collect your feedback to build a stronger and better version of Gustav. ?

We promise to continue to deliver ongoing value to you and your colleagues as we evolve both our free and premium offerings.

To help us continue to improve Gustav for you, we?d be forever grateful if you could:

  1. Share Gustav with your colleagues. ??

  2. Give us critical feedback so we can learn as much as possible.??

?We are always here for you if you need us!

Remember, our whole team is around, almost 24/7 to support you! In fact you can simply press the green messenger button on the bottom right of this page to start chatting with us!

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