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How can I submit a candidate to a job?

This article shows you how to submit a candidate to a job that a client shared with you.

Written by Greg Scott
Updated over a week ago

To submit a candidate please follow the steps below.

First, click on Jobs in the left side menu. Under Marketplace click on the name of the job you wish to submit a candidate to.

? The small green dot next to the job title indicates that you have not viewed the job details yet.

Next, press the Submit Candidate button on the job overview.

Last but not least, enter the required candidate details and then click on Submit candidate to complete the submission.

Depending on the vendor that posted the job, the following candidate details might be required. Those details may vary from one vendor to another. Please always check if candidate details are required or optional.

  • Candidate name

  • Email address

  • Work authorization

  • Email address

  • Copy of candidate green card (for GC candidates)

  • Copy of candidate visa- Visa status (expiration)

  • Candidate location

  • Willingness to relocate

  • CV

  • Hourly bill rate

  • Vendor note

  • SSN last 4 digits

  • Skype ID

  • Phone number

  • LinkedIn ID

  • Current employment status

  • Reason for being available

  • Copy of photo ID

  • Date of birth

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