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Getting started with Gustav
Introduction to Gustav πŸ‘‹
Introduction to Gustav πŸ‘‹

What is Gustav and what can it do for me?

Written by Greg Scott
Updated over a week ago

Hi, we are Gustav ?

We pair the industry's best staffing agencies and recruiters with beautiful technology to make finding and hiring available contract talent effortless.

For us, it's all about helping you to find available contract talent.

You can use Gustav to:

  1. Discover available contract talent represented by the best staffing agencies in the United States and beyond.

  2. Share your jobs with trusted staffing agencies to receive available candidate submissions.

For Staffing Agencies and Recruiters.

By combining the solution-driven mindset of a startup with an eCommerce-like user experience we help staffing agencies and recruiters to better serve their clients.

We know that when staffing agencies and recruiters can spend more time building relationships with their clients we can help more people find the jobs they love.

If you are a staffing agency or recruiter Gustav will help you to promote your available candidates, boost your brand and match you with new clients.

? We are always here for you if you need us!

Remember, our whole team is around, almost 24/7 to support you! In fact, you can simply press the green messenger button on the bottom right of this page to start chatting with us!

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