Candidates submitted

Keep track of candidates that you have submitted to jobs on the marketplace.

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Under Candidates submitted you can keep track of candidates that you have submitted to jobs shared by your partners or communities.

You will find the status and current stage of your candidate submission in real time as soon as it is updated by your partner.

Please find a detailed overview of the Candidates submitted section below:

  1. Switch between by Your Submissions and Company Submissions. Under Company Submission you will find all candidates that have been submitted by your team.

  2. Filter and Sort the Candidate submitted view by Candidate name, Status, Stage, Last interaction, Date supplied, Submitted by, Job Title, Job Type, Job status, Company name and Start date.

  3. Click on the Candidate Name to view the submitted candidate profile and access the Messenger.

  4. View the Status and Stage of your submission. You will see if your partner has viewed your candidate and in which stage the candidate currently is.

  5. Share a job with your partners.

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