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Search & Request candidates on the Hotlist
Search & Request candidates on the Hotlist

This article shows you how to find available candidates on the Hotlist.

Written by Greg Scott
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The Hotlist allows you to search and find the available candidates represented by staffing agencies and recruiters.

I.) Go to the Hotlist tab:

To do this, simply go to the Hotlist tab on the left-hand side in your navigation bar and then click on the discover section:

II.) Search for candidates:

Search for suitable candidates by using the search functions. You have a lot of filtering options which include:

  • Skills

  • Location

  • Work experience

  • Work permit

  • Remote work

Additionally, you have the option to perform a Boolean Syntax search in the search bar. Learn more about how Boolean Syntax works here.

III.) Request a candidate

If you find a suitable candidate on the Hotlist, you can request the candidate's resume by clicking on the "Request candidate button". You can also click on "View candidate" to reveal the details menu and send a message to the vendor or request the candidate from there.

Once requested, you will be able to manage all your requested candidates and interactions with vendors from within the Messages tab.

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