What is The Teaming Zone?

Learn about the People 2.0 Teaming Zone.

Written by Greg Scott
Updated over a week ago

The People 2.0 Teaming Zone (powered by Gustav) is a member-only online platform that allows People 2.0 recruiters and affiliates to collaborate on job opportunities and share available candidates with other recruiters in the People 2.0 ecosystem.

The Teaming Zone:

  1. Enables each active People 2.0 recruiter and affiliate to share job opportunities exclusively with other People 2.0 recruiters in a trusted and closed community.

  2. Allows you to submit candidates for job opportunities from other People 2.0 recruiters; and

  3. Lets you to market your available candidates to the entire People 2.0 recruiter ecosystem to make more placements.

The Teaming Zone is available only to approved, vetted, and active People 2.0 recruiters and affiliates.

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