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How does the People 2.0 Teaming Zone work?
How does the People 2.0 Teaming Zone work?

Learn how the People 2.0 Teaming Zone works.

Written by Greg Scott
Updated over a week ago

As a People 2.0 recruiter or affiliate, you get exclusive access to the Teaming Zone with your People 2.0 login credentials.

Once you sign up, you will be able to:

Share jobs:

People 2.0 recruiters can share jobs with other People 2.0 recruiters who can submit candidates for your jobs. If two People 2.0 recruiters successfully fill an order they would split the margin.

Placing your candidates:

In turn, you can submit your available candidates for jobs posted by other People 2.0 recruiters.

Promote your candidates:

Use the Teaming Zone to promote your available candidates actively to other People 2.0 members through the Hotlist feature.

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