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What are the typical use cases of the People 2.0 Teaming Zone?
What are the typical use cases of the People 2.0 Teaming Zone?
Learn about use-cases of the People 2.0 Teaming Zone.
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There are several use-cases of how recruiters are using the Teaming Zone today.

  1. If you have open jobs from your customers that are in skill sets or regions you are not supporting, the Teaming Zone will give you the option to quickly find a suitable partner that can help you fill your jobs with their available candidates.

  2. If you are a Master Vendor or MSP you can use the Teaming Zone to centralize all of your vendor partners on one platform.

  3. If you are working an MSP program and have a large volume of jobs that you are not able to fulfill yourself, you can subcontract roles to other People 2.0 recruiters through the Teaming Zone.

  4. If you have candidates coming off assignment or candidates that you have not placed but are currently available, you can add those candidates to the Teaming Zone and promote them to other People 2.0 recruiters who have open jobs.

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