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How to share a job with People 2.0 TeamingZone members?
How to share a job with People 2.0 TeamingZone members?

How to share a job.

Written by Greg Scott
Updated over a week ago

A quick video guide on how to share a job:

First, navigate to your All Jobs section and press the "Post new job" button on the top right of your screen:

Next, select which type of job you would like to share and complete all the required fields in the form.

Next, complete all required fields in the job form. Many of the fields are optional and not required to share a job. Remember, the more information you can provide your vendors upfront the less back and forth email conversations and calls you will encounter. More information on job postings increase your chances of getting faster and more suitable candidate submissions.

Lastly, select the partners that you would like to share the job with and press the "Publish" button. You can select specific People 2.0 TeamingZone members or share the job with the entire comunity.

Each selected partner will receive an email and browser notification about a
the new job posting. Now your partners can submit candidates to your job.

You will find an overview of all your shared jobs under your "All jobs" section and receive an email notification for each new candidate submission.

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