When you create a shared list, you will get two options: create a Job submission list or a regular Marketing one.

Now you might be wondering, what does that mean? Well, here you have a brief description of both list types:

Job submission list:

The job submission list allows everyone accessing that list to collaborate. That means multiple people can see each other's messages, interview requests, etc.

For example: You share a job submission list with multiple people at the same end client. If Tom requests an interview with one candidate and declines two other candidates, then Sarah accessing the same list shortly after Tom will see Tom's messages and requests, etc.

We recommend that you share this type of list with a single company only.

For Bullhorn customers 🐂
This is the new default list type that is used when creating a list from the tab on a job in Bullhorn.

Marketing list:

A Marketing list does not allow collaboration. People accessing this list type will only see their own messages, candidate status, etc.

Marketing lists are therefore intended to be accessed by several companies. Typical use cases are:

  • List with top available candidates

  • Add list to your website (search engine indexing coming soon)

  • Include lists in your email signature

  • Share list on social media (preview images coming soon)

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