Custom fields will allow you to add a new dimension to your shared list by allowing your clients to view information unique to your candidates in an easy and accessible way.

In the first place, In order to start creating custom fields, click on your initials or profile picture in the bottom left corner on the screen. Then, go to settings and click on the custom fields item of the Shared list configuration section.

Once there, you will be able to start creating your own custom fields by clicking on the Add new field button.

A modal will pop-up where you will be able to enter the Field title, its description, and view a preview of said field.

After clicking Next you will be able to select the field type from the following options:

  • Single line text

  • Long text

  • URLs

  • Date fields

  • Number fields

Custom Field access

You will also be able to test the input of the field, and choose between making it:

  • Restricted (The client will need to request and have access to the candidate before seeing the field)

  • or Instantly visible (Requesting the candidate is not necessary to view the field).

Now you will be able to find the custom field when uploading a new candidate or when editing an already existing one.

Make sure to check this article to learn more about Shared lists and their access settings.

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