First, set your list "Active". Press the green "Set active" button.

Next, press the "Share your list" button at the top right corner:

You have 2 options to share your list with your clients:

1. Invite your client to your shared list via email

Add your client's email address and press Enter:

Optionally add a personalized message and press the "Send" button:

Your client will receive an email from [email protected] with your name, branding (logo), and your personalized message. When clicking on the "View Candidates" button in the email your shared link will open in a new browser window. Your client will then view your candidates. No login or password required for your client!

2. Copy and paste your shareable link

Copy your shareable link and paste it into an email or LinkedIn message:

Your clients will be able to access your link. No login or password required!

💡Attention, when you share a public link, your client will have to enter and confirm their email address before they can request candidates, view CVs or chat with your team.

Here is how the email confirmation workflow for your client works:

1. Client enters their email address on your shared list:

2. Client receives an email confirmation:

3. Client confirms the email and is redirected to your shared list:

Read this article to learn more about your client experience with shared lists.

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