After you have received a candidate submission from your vendor partner you will be able to move the candidate through the various stages of the hiring process inside the Gustav tab in your Bullhorn Novo account. 

Example: Shortlist a candidate

To shortlist a candidate simply drag and drop the candidate card from the Submitted stage to the Shortlist stage:

Note: If you drag and drop a candidate card into a new stage a notification email will be triggered to your vendor partner to notify them that you have shortlisted the candidate. The email will only be triggered if the candidate card stays longer than 5 minutes in the same stage. The notification email looks as following:

❗️Attention: If you are using Bullhorn Novo you are able to setup a stage sync in your Gustav Settings to enable automatic stage movements from Bullhorn to Gustav. This means if you move a candidate in Bullhorn from Web Responses to Match it will automatically move from Submitted to Shortlist in Gustav and trigger a notification email to your vendor partner.

Read this article to learn more about how to sync stage movements from Bullhorn to Gustav.

Please contact us or your Bullhorn Admin in case you are unsure if your stage sync is setup yet.

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