If you wish to review a new candidate submission from your vendor partner in Bullhorn Novo account please follow this steps:

Step 1, check your mailbox for a notification email from Gustav. If you have shared a job with your vendor partners or are assigned to a job, you will always receive an email for every new candidate which was submitted to you. 

Note: If you press the "Review candidate profile" button in your email it will open the candidate card in Gustav but will not automatically direct you to your Bullhorn account.

Step 2, open your Bullhorn Novo account and navigate to the job which received the new candidate submission. 

Step 3, navigate to and open the Gustav tab. You will find the Gustav tab in the same section as your Overview, Edit or Submissions tab.

Step 4, find your new candidate submission in the "Submitted" column.

Note: Every new candidate submission is marked with a green "New" tag. If a new candidate has not been reviewed for 3 business days the color of the card will turn red to indicate that the candidate is waiting for review. We call this feature "stale candidate cards". Read this article to learn more about stale candidate cards.

Step 5, to review the candidate profile click on the candidate card. It will open the candidate profile which contains all detailed information of the candidate as well as additional documents that your vendor partners submitted. If you wish to preview the CV, simply press the "View CV" button on the candidate card. It will open the CV in a larger preview. 

Step 6, if you wish to review the submitted candidates in Bullhorn directly, please navigate to your Submissions tab. As soon as a candidate is submitted by one of your vendor partners we automatically sync the data back to your Bullhorn. There is no need to manually enter any candidate data back to your Bullhorn. You will find the candidates under Web Responses with Gustav as the candidate source.

🎉Congratulations, you have successfully received and reviewed a new candidate submission. 

Whats next?

How can I move candidates through the hiring pipeline?
How can I contact my vendor partner?
How can I schedule an interview with a candidate?

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