If you wish to share a job with your vendor partners right from Bullhorn please follow this steps: 

Note: This article shows you how to share a job with your vendor partners if you are using Bullhorn Novo. If you are using Bullhorn S-release, please read this article.

Step 1, navigate to your Jobs section in Bullhorn and pick a job you wish to share with your vendor partners. 

Step 2, This step is only relevant, if you have the "Sync to Gustav" button set up for your Bullhorn. If you don't have this, please skip ahead to Step 3.

Make sure that the job is synced to Gustav. You will find a custom field in your job overview which is called "Sync to Gustav". This field needs to be set to "Yes". While creating a new job in Bullhorn you will be able to set the "Sync to Gustav" field to Yes or No.

Step 3, navigate to the Gustav tab. You will find the Gustav tab in the same section as your Overview, Edit or Submissions tab.

Step 4, you are almost all set to share the job with your vendor partners. We have synced all the relevant information from your job description in Bullhorn to Gustav so you don't have to type any of the data in again. What's left for you to do is pressing the green "Set active" button which you will find on the top right of the iFrame: 

Step 5, before you share the job with your vendor partners you will be able to review the job form one more time to assure that all the information is accurate. 

Please note that in certain cases we don't sync some data points and you will have to add them while reviewing the form. This might be the case for the start date of the job or the bill rate. The missing fields will always be marked in "red" as displayed below. 

Step 6, last but not least you will be able to assign internal team members who should receive notifications on this job. For example if a new candidate was submitted by your vendor partners: 

or decide if you wish to share the job with all of your vendor partners or just a specific group of partners, which we call a "circle". Learn more about vendor circles here. 

Step 7, simply press the "Publish" button and the job will be shared with your vendor partners. Every vendor partner who is associated to your account will receive a notification via email as well as see the job as "new" in their job list. 

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